University Banking App


  • Discovery
  • Brand Strategy
  • Corporate Naming
  • Logo Design
  • Messaging
  • UI/UX
  • Package Design

A banking app that aligns with the lifestyle of campus life.

The advent of online banking has produced endless options for consumers to choose from. Being niche is the name of the game. Financial executives and investors wanted to launch a banking app exclusively designed for university students. 

Our studio was asked to conceive of a brand that would appeal to the university lifestyle and stand apart from its competitors.


The financial technology industry is very saturated and brand-savvy, making trademarking very difficult. Through a systematic and thorough process we discovered a name and mark that put out the kind of vibe the client was seeking.


What sets Relm apart from similar apps is financial education for college students. The task was to cultivate an honest conversation about money without talking down to students or shaming them.


We chose to transcend the utility of the app. Instead of boring students with features and content, we focused on the lifestyle aspirations of college students, the financial traps they commonly face and their own desired outcomes.


This new brand identity was extended throughout the entire Relm experience, including the interface design of the app, card design and iconography.

"We’re grateful for our partnership with Raygun as we continue elaborating upon our brand.”

"Raygun Workshop came to the rescue when our market opportunity needed a brand strategy. They helped us push through the creative and trademarking barriers necessary to produce a bold name, logo and langauge.

As our startup pivoted again and again, they kept up the entire time. We’re grateful for our partnership with Raygun as we continue elaborating upon our brand".

Jim Simpson, CEO

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