Hitherto Coffee + Gaming Parlour


  • Naming
  • Logo Design
  • Merchandise
  • Interior Design

How do you merge specialty coffee culture with boardgaming culture, all under one cozy brand?

Designed around the two loves of the owner (coffee and boardgaming), Raygun Workshop was asked to develop a name and brand for this new coffee shop that would appeal to both audiences. We were brought into the earliest conversations, and went along for the ride from concept to opening day. The brand was extended into swag, signage, space layout, architectural features and interior design.


Google nearly any word with “coffee” next to it, and you’ll find a shop using that name. This was no easy task, but through creative ideation, heavy trademark research and validating surveys we landed on a winner. The brand started to design itself.

"By the time we opened they had created something really special."

"It was great working with Garrett again! From the very beginning Raygun Workshop introduced a unique name and brand that was fun and whimsical, then helped us extend it into our space design and merchandising. 

They took care of the creative heavy-lifting, so I could focus on developing the business, managing contractors and training my staff. By the time we opened they had created something really special."

Kevin Kerkhof, Owner

Ground Control is now standing by.