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How do you evolve a historic brand without compromising its identity? This is how.

In its forty-year history, Burgett's Learning Centers had provided educationally-focused childcare for thousands of families in Greater Lafayette, Indiana.

After the founding family sold the learning centers to a new owner, it was time to introduce a new brand that could expand further into Indiana and even push outside of the state. Within the purchase agreement, a change in name was required. And away we go!


Through a process of ideation, validation and trademark research, Burgett’s became Brookshire Learning Center. The new name invokes a more sophisticated standard in education, and an icon that explores the idea of lift, launch and escape velocity within childhood development.


We walked their halls, interviewed their customers and determined that conscientious parents have one thing on their mind: get their child prepared for kindergarten. Apart from other daycares, this was the fundamental message that Brookshire needed to pivot upon.


Our findings indicated that Brookshire Learning Center is not really for kids. They're for parents who are under a tremendous amount of pressure to manage their lives. This empathetic approach transformed their marketing message.


Rather than a hard sell, we simply invited conscientious parents to investigate the campuses for themselves, meeting the teachers and discovering a clear path for their own child's success.

"Raygun Workshop turned a typically stressful process into a unifying experience." 

"They took my team through a great process that identified the core of the brand and what we aspire to be. Raygun Workshop turned a typically stressful process into a unifying experience.

The outcome is a compelling narrative that gets laser focused on the needs and wants of our ideal customer, and aligns all 80 employees with a shared vision. Groovy, down to earth people to work with."

Scott Bohnert, Owner

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