The trick to appealing to genuine needs

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A friend of mine has two twin daughters. For weeks they begged he and his wife to take them on a camping trip. 

But, taking kids under the age of five on a camping trip? Nah. Sleepless nights, bug bites and "are we there, yet?" wasn't his definition of a good time.

So, finally he asked his daughters, "Why exactly do you want to go camping?". Their answer? A simultaneous,"We want to roast marshmallows!". You can probably guess what followed: He and his wife enjoying a quiet evening in their family room, watching their daughters roast marshmallows in the fireplace. Everyone was happy.

Let's explore how this plays out in business. Essentially, your audience doesn't necessarily know what they're looking for. But, with a little research and common sense, I can be quite easy to identify what people actually want. Outcomes, outcomes, outcomes. Outcomes are exciting to people!  So, instead of selling the boredom of products or services, trying selling the excitement of outcomes.

// Example: Selling Mortgages

Is your client's objective to simply find a good rate on a home mortgage? Or, are they actually trying to level-up their lifestyle and create a legacy for their family with enough leftover for a vacation?

Marketing Hack: Stop talking about mortgage rates (boring) and start talking about how you can make that vacation happen (exciting).

// Example: Selling Interior Design

Is your client's objective to simply update their office space? Or, are they really trying to cultivate an attractive office culture that minimizes employee turnover?

Marketing Hack: Stop talking about furniture choices and design documents (boring) and start talking about how you can help them attract and keep Millennials through space design (critical).

Discover what's actually at stake for your client and start appealing to that in your messaging. Stop selling camping and start selling roasting marshmallows!

Are you ready to start appealing to what people really want?